Tailor-made to Suit Your Style

Can’t find what you want in your local shop, then you have come to the right place. Our talented designers can tailor-make a patchwork hat or crocheted item to suit your specific style and colour choice. 

Like what you see, then simply fill in the contact form below and we will have your item shipped to you within 5 – 7 working days.

Crocheted Headwear

These delightful crocheted beanies, hats and chemo caps have been made using the softest yarn and their unique look will keep you warm.

Styles and patterns to suit your style can be ordered. Choose the colour/s you want and we will deliver to you in 5 – 7 working days. Beanies and chemo caps are priced from R200.00

Marley Beanie

Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart for Crocheted Beanies and Chemo Caps

Check your ideal size against this chart and then add the relevant code to you order. Thank you.

Apparel and Blankets

Crochet is a great choice for summer or winter. These handcrafted shawls are the perfect choice to keep you warm this winter.

This stunning throw, ideal to add colour to your room is a must in any home. These pieces can be tailored to suit your preference in colour, size and need.

Crocheted items are trending this year, whether it be for summer or winter, this hand-craft is ideal for any weather.  Each piece is lovingly hand-crocheted with wool.

Shawls are priced from R1600.00
Bed Throws are priced from R1900.00

Crocheted Shawl
Crochet blanket close up