Canna I Heal U

CANNA I HEAL U is the brain child of Trevor Parkinson. Trevor, as a multiple cancer survivor, combined his knowledge of the herb, his education in biochemistry and extensive research on healing with cannabinoids, and formulated multiple blends for different conditions consisting of different strains from around the world and in Africa.

CANNA I HEAL U is owned solely by Trevor and his wife, Roxanne, with Spa d’Ambiance as the head distribution company. Canna I Heal U promises products from plant to end product, with high quality ingredients. With several products being vegan friendly, the products are not tested on animals.

We encourage our clients to listen to their bodies, empower them to take control of their health – the natural way! We offer a mind and body healing system – you heal yourself with your state of mind and the cannabinoids contribute to that choice!