A Fantasy Land made Just for You
Unique tailor-made children’s doll houses and mini-me kitchen sets.

A dollhouse is a toy that can be cherished forever. These tailor-made miniature homes will be the delight for your young daughter – a keepsake which can be handed down generation to generation.

Dream up a design, and we will tailor-make it to your specs. You get to specify what colour to paint the walls and decide on the custom finishings – just right to suit your child’s special dolls! Bring us a picture and we do our best to match!
Let your child help in the design to make their dream mini-house or surprise them with one on their birthday!

These tailor-made houses and kitchen sets do not include furnishings – you just add your own. We even make miniature stables for your child’s favourite toy horse or furry friends.

All paints used are 100% non-toxic and adhere to strict standards for child safety.