About Us

BeeHappy came to fruition in 2018 on a smallholding in Assagay, KwaZulu Natal. The company is run by myself, Dylan Stephen ably assisted by Weldone, assistant carpenter and my dear wife Keyla, admin.

I was fortunate enough to be living next to Wood Forum, a furniture factory, and was given the opportunity to learn the carpentry trade. After dabbling in a few wood projects for friends and family, I was asked to make up a sample beehive for Assagay Honey Farm that had lost their carpenter, and the rest is history. My love for nature and wood-working were combined.

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In addition to supplying raw natural honey, we offer the following bee related services.

Hive Maintenance Service

We offer Hive Maintenance, for the Beekeeper that is still learning, or have no time and aren’t able to maintain their hives. We will keep your hive maintained and fed when necessary. If honey needs harvesting, or its time to expand either the brood or super, we will keep the Bee’s Happy

Honey Extraction Service

We offer honey extraction, for the smaller Beekeepers. Capped comb can be dropped off at our premises, or you have the option for the capped comb to be collected by us.

We do offer the option to have your honey bottled, and labeled at a cost. Alternatively we deliver the extracted honey in simple 2litre-5litre containers for you to decant from.

Bee Swarm Removal Service

We are experienced in bee-removal; collecting and relocating the problem swarm to a new hive and site. We follow a strict “no harm” policy wherever possible.
The cost of removing a swarm does depends on the ease of it’s removal. So the fee for this service does vary. We have a call out deposit fee of R300 (excluding travel outside the Upper Highway area), to assess the size, thereafter we’d quote on the estimated removal time. The more inaccessible and established the swarm for example, the longer the procedure will take and the cost of their removal will escalate accordingly.

Pollination Services

We offer pollination services to farms in Kwa-Zulu Natal