Karen Le Grange

I have always adored reading books…especially to my little ones, as you get to cuddle close, sit still (or so we hope) and enjoy an adventure together. I have always been creative and after reading daily to my kids for many years, I discovered many books are complicated or don’t hold the interest of my little ones. This is when I decided to write my own books.

I have always loved nature and I am a passionate South African, so I decided to start writing and illustrating books that highlight our gorgeous local animals, have a strong moral and can be read over and over again with some wonderful life lessons beneath the surface (for young and old alike).

Most storybooks featuring our animals are not specifically South African, and rarely do they highlight the lesser known animals, birds, bugs, etc. I take inspiration from my own garden, adventures throughout South Africa, childhood memories and African fables passed down, by local people, through generations.

My hope is to encourage children to read and while being engrossed in a story that they can learn something too.