Medi Hemp

The Medi Hemp vision is aligned with our motto ”ancient wisdom, modern science”.

Since the beginning of civilisation, plants and herbs, and particularly the HEMP plant have been used for healing. From Ancient China and Egypt to South America and around the world, herbs and plants were used for healing. That knowledge has been forgotten. There are thousands of documented historic records of the HEMP plant being an integral part of pre-dated society, this incredible plant was used to make fabrics, foods and medicine.

Now, coupled with modern scientific extraction methods, efficacy has been improved to offer our clients these natural medicines which are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.

Medi Hemp is based in KwaZulu Natal South Africa. This is where we make the most of our sub-tropical climate for growing specialised medicinal strains of hemp. Our plants enjoy the perfect humidity and sunshine to ensure that they produce the best flower for our extracts and maximise on their healing potential.

There is a lot of misleading information out there, as well as poorly manufactured products on the market which gives the industry a bad name. It is our duty to not only educate the public with the correct information and knowledge, but also supply products which are safe and effective.


Our mission

To farm, manufacture, and distribute plant-based medicines and topical healing products, at an affordable price, easily accessible to all.

We believe that everyone should benefit from this incredible plant. We are also constantly researching new ingredients and herbs to combine with the hemp and enhance the healing properties of our carefully blended formulas.

From seed to bottle, we quality control each and every step to ensure that when you receive your product, it is safe, effective, and to the highest quality standard we can provide. All our ingredients come from trusted suppliers and have been lab tested. Certificates on these ingredients (C.O.A`s) will be issued upon request.

Our complete range of products contain full spectrum+ hemp, which means we do not isolate any of the 100+ cannabinoids or plant nutrients responsible for what is called the entourage effect (various compounds present in the cannabis plant work together synergistically to enhance the overall therapeutic effects of the plant).


More people are turning to plant-based medicine as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

We believe that pharmaceuticals do have a valuable place in our lives, however, they tend to be over-prescribed and so we would like to offer a complimentary natural solution to assist naturally, and widen the range of choices to consumers. This together with healthy lifestyle habits form part of a holistic plan which help the body to heal itself.


There is now hope:

Bad lifestyle habits, processed foods, treated water, plastics, chemicals, pollution, and GMOs greatly affect our general health and well-being. Our bodies are at a point where they need assistance, fortunately that’s where we come in. Our holistic approach to healing includes diet, lifestyle, spirituality, as well as scientific methods to encourage natural symbiosis. The good news is that once the body reaches this state, it can then begin to heal itself.

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