Pam MacDonald

After being employed in the corporate world for over 30 years, Pam was yearning for something more!  For the longest time she wanted to build a small business which would add true value to her life – firstly, one that would restore her own health naturally, and secondly one that would fulfil her passion to help, empower and care for others. 

Pam was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils by a doctor colleague and from that point onwards she was hooked! The magnificence of these natural sources from Mother Nature amazed her and she was enticed to learn more.  Pam immersed herself into discovering their health benefits and to learn how these certified pure therapeutic grade oils could be integrated into our everyday lives.  She became a Wellness Advocate and completed the dōTERRA Essential Oil Specialist Certification.

For months her family and friends became her “testers” as she tinkered with various combinations of essential oils for anything from relieving headaches, to reducing feelings of stress, to soothing raging eczema.  This discovery evolved into her mission to offer safe, trusted, high-quality, affordable and easy-to-use pure essential oil blends to support everyday health and wellness – the natural way!  That was when Sage & Bloom was born!

Pam’s desire was to not only create oil blends which help to enhance overall well being, for both mind and body, but also to educate people on the benefits of incorporating essential oils into everyday family living… from 3 month old babies, pregnant women, to our grandparents! 

Her plan was to start with just one range and build on slowly from there, but once she started, she could not stop! She is now at range number 7…and counting!!  She is so excited to share these beautiful oils with one and all and look forward to supporting you and your family along your journey to wellness!