Smash & Rose Team

Glory to God and Grateful for his Grace.

Smash and Rose was born from gratitude. 

Hi, I am Sue Barnes, I have an amazing husband, Mike Barnes and two precious daughters Sharis and Laikin. 

Laikin is the Smash and Sharis is the Rose. 

Laikin got the nick name Smash, as when my nephew was in Australia, the little girl on the Smash Potato Advert looked just like her. When he arrived back at the airport, and he saw her, he ran to her saying “Smash, Smash I have missed you,” and so the name Smash stuck.

Sharis is my elder daughter and her second name is Rose, and she is a true blossoming rose.

I am a creative, and at the tender age of 55 have realized my life journey, (well it has been that, a journey,) is a story of lessons to get me to where I am today.

All my energy needs to be channeled into broadening my dreams, and my love for beautiful fabric and beads needs to be showcased to honor God for my life.